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1983 VOL.02 NO.2 SPRING

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Table of Contents • Imagistic Landscape of a Psyche: Hemingway's Nick Adams by Frank Scafella • Hemingway's Out of Body Experience by Allen Josephs • Ernest Hemingway and Hans Kahle by Wayne Kvam • Green Hills of Africa: Hemingway's Celebration of Memory by Barbara Lounsberry • "A Clean, Well-Lighted Place": Interpreting the Original Text by George H. Thomson • In Defense of the Unhappy Margot Macomber by K. G. Johnston • Ernest Hemingway and Nathan Asch: An Ambivalent Relationship by Eva B. Mills • Santiago's Apprenticeship: A Source for The Old Man and the Sea by Bruce Morton • For the Collector by William White • Frank L. Ryan, The Immediate Critical Reception of Ernest Hemingway (Review) by Donald A. Diaker • Hemingway: A Current -Bibliography by William White • “A Little More light” by Randall Scott Davis

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