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1986 VOL.05 NO.2 SPRING

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Table of Contents • The Aesthetics of the Visible and the Invisible: Hemingway and Cezanne by Erik Nakjavani • The Death of EI Espartero: An Historic Matador Links "The Undefeated" and Death in the Afternoon by Susan Beegel • Philip Young or Youngerdunger? by Wayne C. Holcombe • Hemingway Guidelines for Permissions and Publication: Background and Comment by James Nagel • Point of View in Hemingway's Novels and Short Stories: A Study of the Manuscripts by Genevieve Hily-Mane • A Final Note on Duff Twysden by David Harrell • Bothering to Explain Hemingway's "How Do You Like It Now, Gentlemen?" by Cecil D. Eby • Hemingway, Ernest. The Dangerous Summer (Review) by Frederick Joseph Svoboda • Hastings, Max. Victory in Europe: D-Day to VE-Day (Review) by Robert W Lewis • James Nagel. Ernest Hemingway: The Writer in Context by Rebert E Fleming • For the Collector by William White • Hemingway: A Current Bibliography by William White • British Reviews (Annotated) by J F Kobler

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