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1986 VOL.06 NO.1 FALL

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Table of Contents • From the rue Saint-Jacques to the Pass of Roland to the "Unfinished Church on the Edge of the Cliff" by H.R. Stoneback • Hemingway's Medievalist Impulse: Its Effect on the Presentation of Women and War in The Sun Also Rises by Kim Moreland • Scribner, Scribners, Scribner's by James Hinkle • "Dear Mr. Scribner"-About the Published Text of The Sun Also Rises by James Hinkle • The Writing of the Manuscript of The Sun Also Rises, with a Chart of Its Session-by-Session Development by William Balassi • Close-Reading Hemingway: Risking Mispronounced Stresses in The Sun Also Rises by James Rother • Toreo: The Moral Axis of The Sun Also Rises by Allen Josephs • Hemingway's Sun as Title and Metaphor by Robert A. Martin • The Sun Also Rises: Owen Wister's "Garbage Pail," Hemingway's Passage of the "Human Soul" by Frank Scafella • Hemingway, Ernest. The Garden of Eden (Review) by Allen Josephs • Hemingway, Jack. Misadventures of a Fly Fisherman: My Life With and Without Papa (Review) by Susan F. Beegel • Imitation Hemingway Contest: 9 by William White • The Snooze of Kilimanjaro by Mark Sibler • Current Bibliography by William White

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